RV Rubber Roof Specialist 

Most RV roofs have a rubber membrane installed on them from factory. The advantage of rubber roofs are keeping the roof cooler with a reflective light colors available also the membrane acts as a heat barrier, the other great thing about a rubber roof is the rubber can contract and expand from cool temperatures to blistering hot days the roofs are covered completely with the rubber membrane and all rents, skylights , A/Cs, etc. are installed on the membranes with a butyl tape or gaskets then a rubber roof lap sealant is applied on any exposed screws on edges of roof abstractales and on trims.

Reasons to replace rubber roofs:

  1. If you have a tear anywhere on the membrane you'll want to replace the rubber roof. If you patch it there is a good chance it's going to leak and insurance companies tend to deny a replacement of roofs with past patching on the roofs.

  2. If the roof rubber is separating from the RV maybe even blowing up or off during traveling.

  3. If the roof rubber has been effected by cleaners or some tree saps it can make the rubber disintegrate or soften.

  4. If the roof is shrinking away from trims or rents at this point the rubber will blow off while traveling down the road.

  5. If the RV has leaked and caused wood rot underneath the rubber, the rubber will need to be replaced after removing and repairing damage wood.

Why RVs of Texas for Rubber Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation

The owner and lead technician, Ron Baker has built multiple major service departments in North and South Texas, taking them to the next level with national recognition. One of our strong points is choosing the right people for the job and teaching our techs how to do the jobs right and in a timely manner. Our everyday goal has been to make repeat customers, into customers for life.  As a team we work hard and do the very best to have great ideas to accomplish our customers dreams & visions, and on a timely basis.

Occasionally I have had the pleasure of camping and RV'ing which has help me understand what a customer is going through during a service issue. We don't just replace a fuse that's blown, we find out why it blew so you won't be stopped again down the road.

It is this integrity we use daily to make the best use of your time during repairs.

The biggest challenge we have is being able to get to all our customers as fast as possible. It seems we need more service vehicles.

We know what growing pains are and work hard to meet the demand. Contact Ron & his team for your RV Service needs.

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